Flair 1/4 scale Stearman

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Jamie hart
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Flair 1/4 scale Stearman

Postby Jamie hart » March 30th, 2010, 8:00 pm

Hi, Looking for some advise. I have just purchased a Flair 1/4 scale Stearman and I would like to put a Moki 150 Radial at the front. The suggested engine should be a Laser 180. The question is, would a Moki 150 Radial be too large and heavy for this model??? Please would you advise... Thanks Jamie

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Re: Flair 1/4 scale Stearman

Postby petermaw » March 30th, 2010, 9:08 pm

Hi Jamie

I built a Flair Stearman around 4 years ago and put an SC 5 cylinder radial on it. This is a 64 cc engine. The plane balanced easily with this engine and had an all up weight of around 19 lbs. At more than twice the recommended capacity the plane was overpowered on 64 cc, so I think you would be letting yourself in for loads of problems with a 150 cc radial in terms of balancing and overall weight. Flying might also be a problem with engine induced torque rolls on take-off being an obvious thing to watch out for

Best of luck


Simon Fowler
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Re: Flair 1/4 scale Stearman

Postby Simon Fowler » April 21st, 2010, 5:58 am

:shock: Ooish!!! Jamie, :o
That 150 might be waaaay too much for a quarter scale STEARMAN, I am building a third scale Balsa USA STEARMAN at the mo, and I am putting a 3w 140 twin in it. (Cant afford the radial) :oops: :oops: . 118 inch wingspan, 50 pound weight. :)

I cant post pics here, Because "I are too Stupid".

Send E-mail and I will send a pic or two.
Cheers, Si.

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