DLE-111 Engine Help

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John Wincentzen
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DLE-111 Engine Help

Postby John Wincentzen » July 20th, 2018, 9:13 am

I am a member of the BMFA but have a large model Yak in which I have put a DLE-111 engine.
What I am looking for is - if there is anyone near to me - I am in Horsham, West Sussex or within reasonable travelling distance, to assist me with my DLE-111 petrol engine.
Is there anyone who knows DLE engines that I could take the plane to in order to get some advice/assistance in
getting the engine going?
This is a new engine, it was running, but stopped and I cannot determine what the problem is. The engine had been in the box for a couple of years before I put it in the model.
I have already been in touch with Just Engines but without them seeing it, they can’t say what the problem might be.
It would be great if there is someone who would be able to help me.

Wayne Cox
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Re: DLE-111 Engine Help

Postby Wayne Cox » July 22nd, 2018, 10:46 pm

Hi John,
I have a DLE 111 in my sons Extra I also have a few other DLEs, I will try and advise you

1. If the needles have been adjusted reset to 2 full turns out on both H and L
2. Make sure your 4.8v Ing Batt is fully charged
Take both plugs out and put a starter on with full on the throttle until you smell petrol or can see coming out of pots
3. Make sure you are using the NG plugs and put in HT leads put on Ing and see by rotating prop you can see spark on both.
4. Put all back together put choke on and turn over 6-8 turns you should see the prop bouncy if wet.
5. Turn choke off and set throttle to botto with the trim having the throttle open just a small amount too much it won’t start it it try’s then open little by little.

One thing to check is that you can suck fuel from the fuel tank from the carb line ie the clunk is allowing fuel.
Make sure the Vent is open

Hope this helps

John Wincentzen
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Re: DLE-111 Engine Help

Postby John Wincentzen » July 23rd, 2018, 4:25 pm

Hi again Wayne,
Met you at North Weald show. You gave me a lot of info then but it was after meeting you that I had this problem. (Said you would need to start charging me for all the information)! Remember me now?
I think I have already tried a lot of this but I will give it another go.
Thanks for taking the time to contact me.

stewart clifford
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Re: DLE-111 Engine Help

Postby stewart clifford » August 8th, 2019, 9:35 pm

Hi John
I run countless DLE engines of all sizes, give me a call 07810207875.

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