New to LMA/New project

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Paul Munford
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New to LMA/New project

Postby Paul Munford » November 28th, 2020, 11:30 am

Hi Everybody !? Just joined LMA & hoping to get some help with my first large model. Please excuse my indulgence but I have a lot of questions !
First of all - what now constitutes large ? - It used to be over 7kg & this required CAA exemption - is this still the case ? Been model flying for 40 yrs but no experience with 'large' models.
It will be a 1/3 scale Europa (English homebuilt), 100" span, I'm guesstimating 10 - 12 kg,with Zenoah 45 & 20" 3-blade C/F prop.
> Will such a model require inspection & certification ?
> What failsafes are required ?
> What size & 'pulling power of servos would I need ?
> where can I get supplies of wood suitable for these larger models ?
> Other useful suppliers ?

Thankyou Paul Munford (Cambridge)

Barrie King
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Re: New to LMA/New project

Postby Barrie King » November 28th, 2020, 11:55 am

Hi Paul, check the Resourses tab at the top of the page and the Over 20kg section.

Alan Cantwell 1131
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Re: New to LMA/New project

Postby Alan Cantwell 1131 » November 29th, 2020, 9:03 am

In order,
Still over 7 kg is classed as a large model,

It’s under 20 kg, so no, it won’t require certs or inspection, but maybe a good idea to get the plans looked at, if you havnt designed before,

Most modern radios are 2.4, and have failsafe built into the system, andif it has, then a minimum of throttle closed must be set, over or under 20 kg

Servos, depends on the performance expected, a lightly loaded model can get by quite happily on standard servos, what you should look at is getting power down those long leads, maybe a power box,

Companies like Slec, balsa cabin could help you out with timber, tell them what the application is, eg- rib stock, and they will assist,

Other useful suppliers, undercarriage, wing tubes, metal work, can be found at the back of the journal, Hope this helps,

Peter Siggins
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Re: New to LMA/New project

Postby Peter Siggins » November 29th, 2020, 1:22 pm

Hi Paul I see you are using a Zenoah 45 ,great engine.i think I would go for Hitech 645 servos to match the power of the engine.
If you contact your local LMA inspector (a list is on the forum headings) he would be only too happy to go over the plan with you and help with timber dimensions etc.

Good luck


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