Alloy metallurgy advice

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Alloy metallurgy advice

Postby Timothy Huff » April 10th, 2021, 8:56 pm

I'm looking to build an airframe in alloy for a 1:3.7 scale Wellington. The planned method is to extrude the geodetic channel, to pass a 2mm steel cable through it, with alternating rubber spacers and alloy plates, which occupy the spaces within the channel, and then wind the channel with a ratchet lifting a heavy weight, so that the channel conforms to the pattern it's being would over without deforming the cross-section.

I know that some form of post-extrusion annealing will be needed, but what I need is some independent advice as to the best grade of alloy to use. It needs (in order of priority) to be:

Plastic (retains new shape after force applied)
Ductile (to allow the outer edge of the curve to stretch)
Light weight
Work-harden to a medium stiffness

Any metallurgists among us who could offer a view on this? I'd be most grateful for any advice that can be offered. You can see a short film of the planned assembly method of the extruded alloy geodetics, and of the planned curving technique here:


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