Electrical generator for large models

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Electrical generator for large models

Postby Paul Scudamore » May 3rd, 2010, 5:59 pm

Hi Gents,

Could any body be intrested in a stator generator and switching regulator i have (bought in error, never used it) brand new, for sale. For you that dont know what it is, or have never seen anything like this, as follows.
The unit is a brushless alternator,
Only has one moving part, (a sealed ball bearing) when its is direct driven
Is fitted with NeFB magnets
Humidity and moisture resistant.
Model no is S675-400
Alternator dia, 102mm
Alternator thickness 26mm
Alternator weight, standard 225w 12 pole winding without brackets 655 g.
Fits engins from 20cc- 80cc
Rated power output at low cruise, @ 1000 rpm, = 225w.
Maximum power output = 700w
Standard wind type single phase
No-Load voltage curve 9.28 VAC/1000 RPM

The U.S.A. use these seemingly for drone aircraft. The unit comes complete with a 28v switching regulator, which electronically alters the output with RPM. Its used, to supply power to all the electronic parts of the model, including charging the internal cells, has a back up battery switching config and Status signal (5v when regulator is delivering voltage)
more spec and info can be found on (http://www.sullivansproducts.com) look for alterantors.
To be honest, its a brilliant peice of model engineering, unfortunatly, it wouldnt fit my application hence its never been touched in any way. I didnt want to sell it on ebay because its need to go to someone who can use it propley and understands what it does. Large models would suit the application for this no end.
Gents, im not into model aircraft, so its a shame to waste this thing really. I paid $2800:00 dollars for it and had to wait nearly 3 weeks for it to be produced. I can provide lots of pictures for you to inspect this unit, ( I have just tried to place a pic on this board but it wouldnt let me, ) However if you think your model could benifit from this unit, and it really is a head turning piece, then you can contact me through this site. I only have this one unit, and you can build the bracket yourself, or get it from sullivans. #

Again, thank you to Dave for helping me with my application

I look forward to any quires you may have.

Assuring you all of my best and promt attention,

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Managed it guys, sorry, im a little bit green with attaching things.Paul Scudamore

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