Twin Batterys

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Arthur Fielding
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Twin Batterys

Postby Arthur Fielding » March 19th, 2017, 7:58 pm

I would appreciate sum advice
The story so far,i am running two lipos through a voltage regulator with two outlets into one Rx, no problems.
My current build has quite a lot going on in the wing so I wont to fit a second Rx in the wing, using the Lipo`s in the fus for power.
Now I can use one battery' for each of the Rx`s, but then I loose the redundancy offered by the two battery's, so, can I "Y" lead the two battery`s together, then run a Reverse Y lead ( probably not the correct terminology ) out to each Rx ,so giving each Rx the benefit of two battery packs .If this is possible I feel the dreaded diode debate may rear its head but if needed where in the set up would they go ?
Secondly is the Futaba S bus hub just a flash looking three way "Y" lead at £25 a go or is there more in it than meets the eye ?
Thanks for your time

Steve Perry
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Re: Twin Batterys

Postby Steve Perry » March 19th, 2017, 11:07 pm

Battery 1 ---> Switch 1 ---> Regulator 1 ---> Y lead 1 ---> Rx 1 and Rx 2
Battery 2 ---> Switch 2 ---> Regulator 2 ---> Y lead 2 ---> Rx 1 and Rx 2

If you have a long run to the 2nd Rx then to avoid any possible voltage drop it may be wise to do it as below

Battery 1 ---> Switch 1 ---> Y lead 1 Regulator 1 ---> Rx 1 and Regulator 3 ---> Rx 2
Battery 2 ---> Switch 2 ---> Y lead 2 Regulator 2 ---> Rx 1 and Regulator 4 ---> Rx 2

Where the regulators on the long run are close to the Rx

If you run 2 batterys through 1 switch, 1 reg, or 1 Y lead then any failure results in total loss of power, the above methods give you 2 fully independent supplys right up to the Rx.

Adding Led's where each battery connects to the Rx is a good idea to show that both supplys are working and to show if one is faulty.

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