multi plugs

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multi plugs

Postby Arthur Fielding » June 25th, 2021, 1:16 pm

Some advise please.
I have been using multi pin plugs ( commercial type 15 pin ) for some time now to make multi servo connection easier. ( wing to fus )
In use now for two years I noticed ,at the start of this years flying that one of the servos would not work, usual checks , what had happened was that a wire had broken inside the heat shrink at the plug. The wire was not loose, still soldered into the plug
the end broken some 1/8 inch up the wire.
The wires are secure and can not vibrate. I have checked the plugs on other models and in some cases only the heat shrink was holding the wire in place.
I am wondering if the flux i use is the wrong type ? corroding through the wire ? ,any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time

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