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Arthur Fielding
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Postby Arthur Fielding » July 10th, 2018, 8:42 am

I would appreciate some advice please.
Is there a plug in device available that i can buy (I am no good with a solding iron ) that will let me use the sprung switch on my Tx(Futaba 16 ) when deployed, to drive a servo one way and have it stop,and then using the same switch a second time have the servo drive back and stop. It would need to be end point adjustable.
This will be used to opperate the air valve on a set of retracts.At the moment it works fine on a nomal flick switch.But it would suit me to be able to just pull the switch down and release to lower the wheels ,and then the same operation again to raise the wheels.
As they say why take the easy route ? when with a little bit of effort you can make it complicated.
Thanks for your time

Dave Hayfield
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Postby Dave Hayfield » July 15th, 2018, 4:18 pm

Hello Arthur,I get what you want to do with your retracts. What I would suggest, and you would need to be brave and use a soldering iron, is to replace the original switch with a latching push button. I suggest an RS item 734-6794 which is a single pole latching switch. What it will do is on the first press it will move the servo to one end of its travel and stay there, on the second press it will move the servo to the other end of its travel and stay there until pressed again. The connections are quite simple, connect the centre wire on the original switch to the centre connection on the push button and the other two wires to each of the other connections. Have tried this on one of my transmitters and it works leaving the servo throw still adjustable for your purposes. Regards Dave
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