Futaba 2.4 modules and 7 channel RX - any views?

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Chris Hurst
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Futaba 2.4 modules and 7 channel RX - any views?

Postby Chris Hurst » March 30th, 2011, 4:55 pm

My big 2.4 dither before taking the plunge continues.............

Moving on from 35 MHz (9 ZAP with mainly PCM 149 RXs)

Does anybody have first hand experience (good or bad) of the following.

Futaba 8 channel 2.4 module to go in my 9ZAP (about £118)

Futaba 7 channel receivers (currently on special offer at £50)

May also consider the equivalent Jeti gear. Their module is about £50 cheaper, receivers are a similar price.

My current thinking is either of the above for my better models (two receivers in the largest models to provide redundancy) plus my FrSky module (in a different transmitter) with their receivers for my seldom used slope soarers, trainer and any other "disposable" bits of fun.

Futaba in everything would be too expensive.

FrSky somehow seems too good to be true for me to feel confident in the better planes.

I would also be interested to know if anybody has seen inside the Futaba or Jeti Modules. What is the build quality like, particularly the robustness of the connection socket. This is my main area of concern with the FrSky (see other thread)!



John Townsend 389
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Re: Futaba 2.4 modules and 7 channel RX - any views?

Postby John Townsend 389 » March 31st, 2011, 2:09 pm

I have recently taken the plunge and use the Futaba module in my Zap, I have two World Championship ZAPs and cannot justify to myself getting a new 2.4 transmitter makes economic sense, never mind the wife. I have been flying a 30% aerobatic for a few weeks with no problems and it is also in my Magister which I have CAA approval now for the change to 2.4.
I have bought nine receivers, all 7 channel, as I do not need anything larger.

It all works fine and I am pleased I made the change, no more pegs and possible frequency clashes, great.

John Townsend 389

John Greenfield
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Re: Futaba 2.4 modules and 7 channel RX - any views?

Postby John Greenfield » March 31st, 2011, 3:58 pm


Converted to Futaba 2.4 a long time ago and now fly that exclusively. I have Futaba 7 channel receivers in all my Greenley Glider tugs and they work most weekends so have racked up serious airtime, a lot of it at busy sites and at extreme range, never had a problem.
Most problems I have seen with people changing over from 35 to 2.4 is poor installation regardless of the make of gear. Be sure to read the instructions and ask for advice as it is not always just a case of taking the old receiver out and stuffing a new one in the same place. Aerial placement is very important and having the short aerials buried in a mass of wiring is a sure fire way to problems.


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