Air data sensors

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Air data sensors

Postby Jonathan Pelham » January 29th, 2018, 9:11 pm

I really like the looks of the NASA OV-10 Bronco with its air data boom down the starboard size of the fuselage like the lance of a knight on horseback and the AOA sensor booms on the tip of each wing.

I’d really like to have a go at designing, building, and flying a large model with sensors.
I know the vast majority of model flyers approach their craft as pilots first and to them its solely about the flying.
To me my interest is really more around the design questions and trying to understand the flight which is why I want to try and make a more highly instrumented model than usual.
I intend to do a lot of testing of the avionics first to trial out a couple of ideas but I wondered whether anyone had built aircraft with instruments in them?
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