Hitec or Savox

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Shaun Garrity
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Hitec or Savox

Postby Shaun Garrity » July 14th, 2021, 7:03 pm

To date I've used Hitec 645mg servos in my larger models (1/3 scale Cub, WW1 Morane etc. ) and had no problems. Chatting with fellow modellers it also appears Savox have many fans so what would be the equivalent as I'd like to give them a go in my latest model. I'm not over enamoured by continually buzzing digital servos in this type of model (but open to to trying them).

High voltage versions would be beneficial as my standard Rx battery packs are 2 x Li-Ion cells.

Over to you Savox fans !


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Peter Smedley
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Re: Hitec or Savox

Postby Peter Smedley » July 19th, 2021, 9:34 pm

I’ve got some Savox SC 0252mg from West London Models. Very well priced. Excellent so far. I paid £98.50 for 5 and that’s including postage.
I’m also a big fan of the Hitec 645
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