HK Diablo EDF fan unit required

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Alasdair Sutherland
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Re: HK Diablo EDF fan unit required

Postby Alasdair Sutherland » July 3rd, 2017, 2:20 pm

Hi Luke,
You must be well under way by now, but as I finished one of these models recently you might like some info for comparison.

I finished mine simply with fixed gear and a cheap 6 blade 90mm fan for 6S from HK. (about $40 fan+motor, not listed now)
The unit is rated at 2.8 kg thrust, but I measured 2.1 kg (22N thrust against a kitchen scale held against the garage wall).
It was pulling about 70 amps from freshly charged, and I use a 100A ESC. I expected some ducting losses.
The finished weight is 3.22 kg including a 6S, 5000 mAh 40C lipo (from HK) and I get 4min 30sec
Performance is quite good. I have flown from grass, and takeoff is OK from short dry grass. I let is pick up speed before climbing away and it is quite fast. It flies level inverted and loops and rolls nicely but flicks out of bunts.
I have moved the CG aft about 5 mm after test flying to suit my preference.

It is a nice little model.
Best of luck

Luke Bottomley
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Re: HK Diablo EDF fan unit required

Postby Luke Bottomley » February 27th, 2018, 11:50 pm

hello has been a long time but i am still struggling to get this to fly my diablo's weight is 4.3kg and im runing it on a 10s setup.

this is what i am using ... esc-1.html ... motor.html

and my batterys are 2x 5s 4400mah 65-130c runing in series .=10s

but i havent had time to try and fly it as WORK has called LOL :lol:

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