Opening your mouth !!

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Opening your mouth !!

Postby Mike Ellis » January 11th, 2016, 11:09 pm

There was this sparrow who was fluttering around when it began to snow heavily.
After a while, the snow got too heavy on his wings and he fell to the ground !
The snow continued to fall and completely buried him .
He was frozen in the snow when a passing cow actually crapped on him !
The heat from the crap actually warmed him up and began to sing joyfully !!
A passing cat heard him chirping, and dug him out of the snow and promptly ate him !!
Now there is a very clear moral to this story !! It's this :

Those who put you in the **** are Not Nessessarily your enemies !!
Those who get you out of the **** are Not nessessarily your friends!!

But if you are ever the ****........


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