Re: Cheddar Fly-in 2019 8th to 22nd July

Ronald Bellinger
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Re: Cheddar Fly-in 2019 8th to 22nd July

Postby Ronald Bellinger » February 19th, 2019, 4:03 pm

We are pleased to confirm that the July 2019 Fly-in will take place on the 8 July 2019 and continue through until the 22nd July
with arrangments for members to arrive on late Sunday comings direct from Cosford and as a stopover for Woodspring Model air show.

We would ask you to note, this event is available to members only as a pre-bookable fly-in for everyone wishing to attend
details, map. and directions are available on LMA Web under the heading RESOURCES.

Ronald Bellinger phone 01225 423733

arthur barlow
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Re: Cheddar Fly-in 2019 8th to 22nd July

Postby arthur barlow » July 15th, 2019, 8:37 am

Had a smashing week and fantastic venue and people thank you ronald

Dave Tregaskes
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Re: Cheddar Fly-in 2019 8th to 22nd July

Postby Dave Tregaskes » July 23rd, 2019, 7:52 pm

What a fantastic event! arrived on the Sunday to temps. in the mid twenties full sun and a light wind straight down the massive well groomed runway. Part of the field had even been mown for caravan standing areas.- simply fabulous luxury.
Superbly run by Ron and Paul Bellinger ably assisted by Tony and Sarah(with all the secretarial work) and Ginger the cat.

A brilliant two weeks followed, meeting old friends and making new ones and enjoying super flying weather, the best I have seen since last year.

Fantastic days, and evenings spent eating well, all washed down with grape juice. Just the best holiday I have had for years and already looking forward to next year to repeat.
Many thanks to Ron and Paul and all others involved, this was definitely what the Association needs, and the members deserve.
Just a brilliant fly-in/holiday doing what we all love! Can't wait until 2020! :D

Dave Tregaskes 2474

Steve Perry
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Re: Cheddar Fly-in 2019 8th to 22nd July

Postby Steve Perry » July 24th, 2019, 10:02 pm

The Chedder fly in is really something special ! unfortunately I was unable to attend this year, spoke to Ron at Cosford and expressed my appreciation for him running the event !

For those that have not been, the site is on top of the famous Chedder Gorge with a NOTAM of 1,500 feet above ground level ! and makes a great local base for Yeovilton, Woodsprings, etc shows !

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