1/3rd scale DH53 Humming Bird unbuilt

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1/3rd scale DH53 Humming Bird unbuilt

Postby RogerKnights » January 22nd, 2018, 3:07 am

I have for sale a 120" span accurate scale DH53 Humming Bird, as per the Shuttleworth example, now sadly damaged.
This consists of full plans, laser cut ribs and formers, and wheels. In a fit of enthusiasm I have made the instrument panel but that's all. I have no time left to build this early example of the the British ultra-light aircraft as much as I would like to. If you have ever seen these plans, which are a completely accurate scaling of the Shuttleworth aircraft, you will see that there are many small brass and steel metal fittings, all of which would need to be fabricated. The great advantage here is that these have all been drawn up and laser cut and are ready for assembly. Apart from a little soldering here and there, there is now no intricate metalwork required, which will save a great many hours. I hate to see this going to waste, so if anyone would like to take it on, I should only like to see £200 for this kit of parts, which is about 40% of my original outlay, to say nothing of the time spent drawing up the metal fittings.
If anyone's interested, please call me on 07831 469660 our email roger@rkcp.co.uk

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