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Carf Models AT-6 "Texan" (all silver-single colour)

Posted: November 28th, 2021, 3:49 pm
by David Heath
Totally untouched kit, as delivered from the factory. All silver colour.

Wingbags included.

Located in Warwickshire, the kits are about as good a quality and prefabricated as you can get. £3000 which is a marked saving on the original cost and of course original pricing before expensive shipping and import duty got involved, I dread to think what the cost would be to get one in the country now.

The kit comes as a standard with the sliding canopy frame and scale flap hinging. It is prepared for the CARF-Models AT-6 E-Gear and the CARF-Models fixed tail gear, as well as the especially manufactured scale wheels. A scale cockpit will also be available soon.

The plane is designed around 180 - 250 cc 4-stroke radial engines or 120-150 cc flat twin 2-stroke engines. It is as highly prefabricated as our other high end warbirds, if not even more.


Span, 126" (3200 mm)

Length, 87" (2210 mm)

Weight dry, 48 - 53 Lbs (22 - 24 kg) dry

Engine, 80 - 150 cc 2 stroke / 180-250 cc 4 stroke radial

Servos, 9-10 middle to high class servos


Re: Carf Models AT-6 "Texan" (all silver-single colour)

Posted: December 5th, 2021, 12:22 pm
by David Heath
I would be willing to look at sensible offers.