Bates Sea Fury

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Neil Tucker
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Bates Sea Fury

Postby Neil Tucker » August 8th, 2023, 9:35 pm


This 1/4 scale (115" span) Jerry Bates Sea Fury built professionally (Fighteraces) no expense spared. Following a change of direction, the model is now for sale.

Converted from stock military Sea Fury configuration to represent 'Riff Raff' the Reno pylon racer, modifications include the long low profile race canopy, the larger diameter spinner & deletion of the tail hook assembly.

The model's hardware spec is as follows...............

Engine – Moki 300cc 5-Cylinder radial (New with 4-5 mins ground running time only) + PowerFuel Rx fuel pump.
Prop – SL Composites 4 blade adjustable pitch
Spinner – 9.5” carbon/aluminium by Fighteraces
Retracts – Sierra Giant Scale
Radio – Powerbox Royal SRS + 2 x MPX DR9 SRXL
Batteries – 2 x 5,000Mah Powerbox Li-Ion + 2 x 2,500Mah Powerbox Li-Ion on Ignition & fuel pump
Servos (16 in total)…….
Elevator – 2 x Futaba BLS172SV
Rudder – 1 x Futaba S9177SV
Ailerons – 2 x Hi-Tec HS8335SH
Flaps – 4 x Hi-Tec HS8335SH
Throttle – 1 x Hi-Tec HS5496MH
Choke – 1 x Hi-Tec HS5496MH
Retract valve – 1 x Hi-Tec HS5496MH
Tailwheel steering – 1 x Hi-Tec HS5496MH
Main gear doors – 2 x Hi-Tec HS5496MH
Tailwheel doors – 1 x Hi-Tec HS5087MH
Telemetry – 2 x Cylinder head temperature sensors + Pitot tube/ASI
Powerbox wiring throughout

Currently sitting complete in white primer, the model could be test flown following radio set-up & final LMA inspection/sign off for any UK based modeller.

£10,000 Ono. Represents a huge discount on time and money invested.
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Toby Newton
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Re: Bates Sea Fury

Postby Toby Newton » April 28th, 2024, 7:01 am

Hi Neil

I’ve got the fury now, what a great aeroplane

I’d be interested in the moki and powerbox if you still them ?



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