Avonds F16

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Avonds F16

Postby John McNamara » May 6th, 2017, 5:11 pm

This Avonds F16 has given many years of service, but now requires a good coat of TLC. It has had a wheels up landing due to a filler valve leak, so there is minor damage to the fuselage bottom, a hot start has cause some blistering of the paint on one fuselage side and the tailplane and fin require some smal damage repairs. In short it is due for refurbishment and a repaint.
It comes with the sport U/C wheels and brakes, plus support equipment, tanks, tailpipe and bypass. It is equiped with two Hitec 7950TH taileron servos, A Hitec HS81 for the brake valve, a UP retarct sequncing valve with a DS3401 servo driving it, A Powerbox Sensor Switch, a Spektrum AR7000 Rx and satellite, air guagues and filler valves. To purchase this kit and the rest new would cost £2400! For sale at £600 ON SALE!
It will require a 80-100 Newton engine
Buyer collects from W. Yorks
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