Petrol engine ignition stop from tx. Mag or battery ignition

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Petrol engine ignition stop from tx. Mag or battery ignition

Postby Dave Hayfield » January 4th, 2018, 11:18 pm

Following on from my 'Failsafe' module to stop your petrol engine if Rx volts fail, of which many have been sold, I kept getting asked if I could supply a unit which would switch ignition off from the Tx. Well I have just put the very item on the market. You will need a channel on the Rx operated by a biased 'off' switch or a push button on your Tx. An ordinary on/off switch will suffice but since the unit is a 'lock on' 'lock off' device, ie push once for 'on' and push once again for 'off', a biased switch is simpler to use. It is supplied with a bright flashing led for safety to tell you if ignition is on and this led can be situated in a conveniently visible position. The unit can be fitted to magneto or battery ignition engines and is simplicity itself to install. Current drain is negligible so no battery upgrade is necessary. The unit also incorporates the loss of Rx volts 'failsafe' to stop the engine.
I am selling the units to LMA members for £12.50 (inc post). Email me on or phone 01843841691 for payment details. Can do Paypal
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