UAV Trainee Job

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UAV Trainee Job

Postby stewart clifford » July 9th, 2019, 9:57 am

Career opportunity in Newnham(near Baldock)

We are a small business specialising in unmanned aircraft (UAV’s, drones)looking to take on a trainee.
The job role is very varied as we do nearly everything in house. We design, build, fly and write our own software. You would be able to specialise and be trained in one or two areas but generally you’ll get to do most things.
The various aspects of the role could be:
Using and making composite materials/laminating, pattern and mould making
CAD work
Learning to fly large r/c and fully autonomous aircraft
Building/assembling the airframes
Electrical work
Plus much more.

The work and projects we do are extremely innovative and groundbreaking and the position will provide a great opportunity for someone to start out in an industry which is rapidly up and coming.
No experience is needed but knowledge or experience of model r/c aircraft and cars would be beneficial.
The ideal candidate would have a strong interest in aviation, be positive, willing to learn, be open minded to new ideas and be forward thinking and innovative.
You will need to be fit enough to walk across fields and be prepared to be on your feet all day some days, Work can be inside or out.

Salary £16000-£21000 depending on experience.
If you’re interested and would like to know more please call me on 07810207875

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