AMT Titan, kero start + EDT

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AMT Titan, kero start + EDT

Postby RogerHurley » October 7th, 2019, 3:35 pm

One of two bought 2015 for the Glowfly hybrid sailplane project some of you may know of - see
This one - now surplus - has had 5 starts and <60 mins run time - 2 starts on test rig, 3 in prototype for ground running tests only - all faultless. Stored indoors and boxed (out of aircraft since) - pretty much as new therefore.


Despite a UK govm't innovation grant, great FREE publicity worldwide and 400+ export sales inquiries from 39 countries to date, and a whole lot of fundraising effort, we have been unable to raise the £500k+ investment needed to set-up and proceed to series manufacture here in UK. Can't/won't do one-at-a-time, just makes no business sense, so we are stimied. Looks like it will go to the US as a project, not what we wanted, but a common enough story with British aircraft design and innovation. UNLESS, of course, you know a backer or three! Let me know.

All spec info from me and/or on the AMT website, including manufacturer's pricing for this model/version.

Open to sensible offers - it's not a giveaway but will be a bargain - hope someone out there has a use. Located MK.
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