Our shows for 2022 - your help needed

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Our shows for 2022 - your help needed

Postby david walker » May 16th, 2022, 3:43 pm

Hello all, as you will now have all received your new journal we know that our show season is approaching very quickly, and you will know now who Dave Walker is - PRO and Commentator.

We also know that the past 2 years have been difficult and at this point in time we are seeing a significant reduction in attendance numbers for this year's shows. The shows are our main revenue earner.

After talking to many families and visitors at both the Cosford indoor static show and at a recent event we attended at Duxford, it has become apparent that few people outside of our hobby know about our flying shows. The numbers suggest that less than 20% know what these shows are and what we do.

So why this note, well I am asking for your help. It won't take you long but we need to boost our attendance numbers.

What I would like you to do is simply contact 10 or more of your friends who may be interested, both modelers and non-modelers, Give them the show dates and tell them what its all about, tell them Camping/Caravans are welcome or simply a one day visit is no problem. Ticketing and entry can be done on-line via the LMA web site. Also if you could ask them to pass on the message to their friends it would be great. Even better if you are in any model clubs or other clubs let them know as well.

In simple number terms, if we can get this moving and we get 700 members involved, we would see with just two 10 to 10 passes that we would soon pass the 50,000 who know who we are, what we do and importantly have the show details.

So enough from me for now, and by all means let me know how you get on . Oh and if you haven't attended a show in the past why not give it a try.

Cheers Dave Walker, see you all soon

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