David Livesey - Half Scale DL5 Parts Available

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David Livesey - Half Scale DL5 Parts Available

Postby Rob Buckley » April 22nd, 2024, 7:40 pm

The message below is posted on behalf of Dave Johnson, if you're interested contact him at chairman@largemodelassociation.com

I’m writing with regard to an article about the DL5 half scale homebuilt aircraft, written by Ray Jones and posted on the Clwyd Soaring Association website some years ago. (See link below).


I am the daughter of David Livesey who designed and built this original half scale model in the early 1970s and I’m reaching out to you and your club because we are trying to find a home for some of the original aircraft parts which are currently being stored in my father’s garage on the Isle of Man.

My father is now 94 years old and his wish is for these items to be donated to someone/a model flying group who would enjoy doing something with them.

I thought it might be worth reaching out to you at the Large Model Association in case you have a forum whereby you can share this information about the availability of the original DL5 parts with your membership?

David Livesey also designed one of the first microlight aircraft and we think there may also be parts relating to this model aircraft in his garage as well if that's also of any interest to anyone.


A full size half-built aircraft – the designer’s original half-built aircraft called the DL5
The original design was featured in Aeroplane Monthly magazine written by Arthur Ord-Hume in July 1973.

We have the following items available to pass on if they are of interest to a flying club/model aircraft enthusiasts:

The fuselage - spruce
Wings x 2 – spruce
Tail plane
A wooden spring undercarriage – made on a jig and glued aircraft adhesive

Ray Jones – Clwyd Soaring Association/Ray Jones – built a half scale homebuild.

LMA Secretary - I've got a reasonable idea where you live!

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