Ken Bones 55

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Mike Booth
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Ken Bones 55

Postby Mike Booth » May 17th, 2017, 9:52 am

On behalf of Eve and the family it is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I write to let you all know that Ken Bones our dear friend, passed away yesterday unexpectedly after collapsing at home. Ken was such a wonderful man, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother, brother in law, uncle and friend to many and he will be sorely missed. We will keep you informed as we know more and of the funeral arrangements. R.I.P Ken xx

Vincent Raia
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Vincent Raia » May 17th, 2017, 10:12 am

I heard the sad news last night, and felt shocked, as Ken was such a young man enjoying life to the full, first met Ken in the late 1990's at an LMA do at Old Warden, he was one of life's lovely people, great passion for his hobby, my nickname for him in those early days was "Corsair Ken" as he seemed to hone his large model flying with those models, a great guy, and a great loss to the hobby, as well as his family, condolences go out to Eve and all the rest of Ken's family and clan, I will miss jesting with him on FB, as I don't get out flying much these days, R.I.P mate, it was great knowing you.

Philip Goff
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Philip Goff » May 17th, 2017, 10:23 am

Dear Mike
I am shocked beyond believe after reading this news,
Ken was one of my best friends within the modelling community.

He was a true gentleman and will be sorely missed,
he was a stalwart supporter of my events both at Coltishall
and Tibenham and he supported me in the early days
at Coltishall when others would not. I never forgot that.

I would like to offer my condolence to his wife and family
not that it will do much good but it will let them know we are thinking of them.

We have lost another great modeller and friend.

Fly on my friend where ever you are.

Regards Phil Goff
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stephen sales
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby stephen sales » May 17th, 2017, 10:28 am

Totally gutted I considered Ken a friend such a shock to hear this my thoughts go out to his family RIP Ken

chris willis
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby chris willis » May 17th, 2017, 11:03 am

A great guy

IMG_3617.JPG (313.5 KiB) Viewed 4161 times

Bob Thompson1894
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Bob Thompson1894 » May 17th, 2017, 11:21 am

Friend to us all. RIP mate. That is no age.....

Vincent Raia
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Vincent Raia » May 17th, 2017, 11:28 am

Lovely photo Chris.

Steve Morris
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Steve Morris » May 17th, 2017, 2:25 pm

That's really sad news, Ken was a great lad, always had time for a chat.
RIP mate


david whiston
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby david whiston » May 17th, 2017, 2:37 pm

Gutted, Ken was a truly likable chap, always one of the first to offer a helping hand or give advice,

paul hughes
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby paul hughes » May 17th, 2017, 3:20 pm

Another nice guy gone and another very sad loss. Ken was always keen to help and chat, always had a smile. R.I.P Ken.

Dave Hayfield
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Dave Hayfield » May 17th, 2017, 3:52 pm

Sheila and I have known Ken from when he was a very young man and first started flying at shows. We were operating TX control in those days at nearly all of the LMA events and Ken used to come to us for a chat as he didn't know many flyers at the time. Ken was one of the nicest blokes you would ever meet, friendly, good sense of humour and really involved in our hobby. I remember at one show where the flyers were presented with a small prize for their efforts, I pulled Ken's leg by saying he couldn't have the prize because he didn't fly due to a problem with his model.......not a word of complaint from Ken. I was going to call him back later for his prize but couldn't find him. I phoned him in the week to explain and he said in his laid back way "oh, that's ok I will collect it next year". He thanked Sheila and myself for his involvement with the LMA and show flying because we were two of the many members that welcomed him and encouraged him in the association.
Our thoughts go to Eve and all of his family. A loss at much too young an age and a great loss to us all........
Thanet Model Flying Club
LMA 520

Alan Cantwell 1131
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Alan Cantwell 1131 » May 17th, 2017, 4:26 pm

A nice guy, a talented guy, taken tooooooo young, terrible news, i dare say everyone has heard of Corsair Ken, R.I.P Ken, sincere condolences to family & friends

Wayne Cox
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Wayne Cox » May 17th, 2017, 4:42 pm

Shocking sad news,
Our thoughts go out to Kens family, I did not know him as much as a lot of you but I saw him at the shows and his skills, always a gentleman.
Will be sadly missed by meany.

tony hooper
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby tony hooper » May 17th, 2017, 5:17 pm

Emilly and I are really shocked and saddened to hear this news. Ken was an extremely active supporter of the LMA and was a very well respected Inspector in his duties on behalf of the Over 20kg Scheme. He was also very well known in the full size aviation world for his fantastic re-furbishment of the interiors of aircraft - he will be a great loss to the many aircraft owners who have benefited from his expertise and quality of work. He will be sorely missed by us all

steve woodhead
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby steve woodhead » May 17th, 2017, 5:36 pm

Was very shocked and stunned today when i found out ken died suddenly especially as on Sunday he came all the way from the south east to pick up the gemini twin. He looked good was in good form with the banter and always very enthusiastic chatting about models. Condolences to kens wife family and all his friends in the south east.
You will be sorely missed ken

Steve w

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Dave Parry
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Dave Parry » May 17th, 2017, 7:07 pm

Words fail me, as once again another great modeller/flyer and friend has pass away to soon. I couldn't and still can't believe he has gone. FaceBook is awash with tributes to him, my condolences to his family and closes friends. It is a sad, sad day indeed. Rest in Peace Ken.
LMA Journal Editor :geek:
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Trevor Wood
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Trevor Wood » May 18th, 2017, 8:56 am

Desperately sad news of the passing of a true gentleman and sincere person,my heartfelt condolences to the family and his closest friends at this difficult time.
Trevor Wood

Cary Bailey
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Cary Bailey » May 18th, 2017, 10:41 am

I only met Ken a few times but he certainly made anyone welcome. As I said to Gregg Veasey yesterday, "Ken was a good builder, pilot & very likeable all round chap. He is a sad loss to the flying fraternity. You have great memories that you and others will surely cherish".
Blue skies Mr B.
Cary Bailey

Glenn Masters
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby Glenn Masters » May 18th, 2017, 11:22 pm

There was a time not so long ago - a time when technology hadn't taken over our hobby and we were all of us pioneer pilots flying our warbird aircraft fast and low in clear blue skies. The endless warm, summer afternoons were filled with the urgency and expectation of our next display slot, invariably imagining the next to be better still. Those long afternoons gave way to a circle of friends sitting in the evening sunshine discussing their latest and best yet mission of the day, basking in the knowledge that the retracts had held out, the engine had kept running, and all was well for the forthcoming sorties of the following day. . . Ken would be in that circle of friends and I feel lucky to have been part of that memory.
I was really shocked and sorry to hear this terrible news. I think we will all miss Ken - warbird pilot

chris poyser
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Re: Ken Bones 55

Postby chris poyser » May 22nd, 2017, 6:02 pm

after returning from tibbenham this last weekend it has finally become real they Ken has gone, when i last spoke to him at east kirkby my last words to him were "see you at Tibenham Ken" and it finally became real whe returning from the flighline and pilots briefing that yes a man i had only known for 20 years was no longer around and the usual quiet greeting when meeting again of a handshake and the usual "hi ken, how you doing?" was returned with "great chris cant complain" and therein was the man, quiet, likeable, inoffensive, friendly and above all happy with his lot,
Taken far to soon, leaving a space in lives that will never be filled, to his wife children and his grandchildren i send my sincere condolences, to say he will not be forgotten is i think a massive understatement, models owned by modelers around the UK that were built by ken will still be flown and each time they are the memories will surface,

Goodbye Ken i hope the wings they give you are blue and bent.


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