Smoke set up

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Tom campbell 93
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Smoke set up

Postby Tom campbell 93 » April 19th, 2020, 1:15 pm

Hi guys just looking at some help this is my first model with smoke,

So i have a decathlon 80cc with a dle 85 upfront, the ignition is on a 2000mah rx pack,

My receiver is a spektrum ar12310t power safe and i am looking to run it along with the 8 servos on 2 x 2s 3000mah lipos( if one battery dies the other takes over)

I have bought the power box smoke system now my question is will i be able to run this on my 2 x lipos or will i need a separate battery for them, i will only be using the smoke now and again for maneuvers only not full flight

Also how long does smoke last as i am looking for right ml bottle for my model and don't want to under do it

Thanks in advance tom

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