Vailly 113" wingspan FW190

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Frank Skilbeck
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Vailly 113" wingspan FW190

Postby Frank Skilbeck » November 21st, 2022, 9:28 pm

Well after a 4 year build period my clubmate Dave Keens 28% scale FW190 was finally maidened in Steve Hollands capable thumbs and here's the video proof,

Model was built from a Belair plan pack, powered by a Moki 215cc and controlled by a Multiplex Royal Sx 16 with Savox HV servos. Model weighs just under 30kg and was built under the LMA over 25kg scheme with Paul Dudley as the inspector. Dave did all the building and finishing and I helped with the electronics and programming.

Thanks to the Aston Down club for letting us use their site for the maiden and also Malcolm from the club for operating my video camera.

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