New Project - 1.4 scale chipmunk

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New Project - 1.4 scale chipmunk

Postby richard armstrong » June 19th, 2018, 6:31 pm

Hi all

this is my new purchase and refurb project

i need advice about he wing?

the issues is the wing will not fit in the car, it sticks a wing tip out the back,

i was wondering whether to cut one tip off to make it a 2 piece wing (red area) or just leave it

also i have an issue with a quadtra 45 cc,

1 engine will not run but has good compression does the carb need striping and sorting
2 the carb has no choke, i was wondering if to put a trumpet on to help with choking the carb when i bung it up?
3 i have limited knowledge of quadra's advice welcome
4 where can i get spares, i did think of stripping clean and rebuild, but i see i can get it running first
5 has anyone got a manual please

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